2017 North American OSL Conference

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Volunteer Opportunities for 2017 NA OSL Conference


Contact Carolyn Burns at carol.burns@earthlink.net to volunteer for any positions listed or questions.  Choose one or more options and please have alternates in case your choices are already filled.  You will receive an email confirmation.


Hospitality Chairperson:  Oversees all directors & activities involved with hospitality, which are:  Registration tables, ushers & greeters, campus direction, snacks during conference breaks, hospitality room during conference, and flowers.  Position reports to and works with Carolyn Burns.


Director of Registration – oversee all volunteers at tables.  Make sure there are volunteers available for all times and days needed and train them.  Responsible for money collected each day.  Report to Hospitality Chairperson.

Registration Tables Volunteers (3 – 4 needed):  Involves Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday for those coming just one day.  Hand out information packets, collect money (checks) if not prepaid for conference registration, on campus housing, food debit cards, parking, etc. as appropriate for each person attending and keep track of monies collected.

USHERS & GREETERS – Report to Hospitality Chairperson

Director of Ushers & Greeters – oversee all volunteers who will greet attendees and direct them to various areas on Wed, Thursday and Friday, and ushers who will be directing traffic flow during Communion Services, healing prayer times and seating during conference (if needed).

Volunteer Greeters (4+) needed Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday mornings should have knowledge of campus.  Volunteer Ushers (6+) are needed during the main conference times.   Greeters & Ushers can double as campus direction & info too.

CAMPUS DIRECTION and INFO. VOLUNTEERS (5+ needed) – Report to Hospitality Chairperson

On a designated day before the conference, USD campus personnel will take our group on a tour of the campus so you can become familiar with the campus areas and be able to direct attendees to on-site restaurants, workshop rooms, hospitality room, bathrooms, Jesus room (chapel), on-site housing, etc.   You are to be available at all times during the conference, wearing a badge, cap or insignia to be determined, indicating your familiarity with the campus.


Be available at the snack table area making sure there are enough snacks, water, coffee, tea available for attendees when needed during the conference.  The Hospitality Room will be open and available during the conference and should also be attended to.


Obtain flowers for front lobby area where attendees register plus the main conference and hospitality rooms.  Work with Pastor Kathleen Adams for additional altar flowers.  Contact Carolyn Burns for budget and any questions.



Need one person to coordinate coverage of volunteers at resource tables and collect money at the end of each day.   Position reports to and works with Carolyn Burns.

Volunteers  to man book tables (2-4 needed)

Man tables that will be selling resources from Keynote and workshop speakers.  Sell materials prior to conference start each day, during breaks and lunch times.  Keep track and separate money for each author’s works. 

Plus maintain OSL resource table and be available to answer questions about OSL.  Display sign-up sheets for sale of conference CDs or DVDs. 



Position reports to Carolyn Burns

One person needed to have emergency first aid kit*and inform all campus information volunteers, directors, prayer team members and ushers where it is located.  Also have information available (location, address, building #, etc) should 911 need to be called.  Also have addresses of local hospitals & urgent care clinics should minor incidents occur. 

Carolyn Burns will supply the first aid kit.



Position reports to Carolyn Burns. 

Oversee Induction Service.  One person to be known as the contact person for chapter conveners to contact if they are inducting new or full members or chaplains.  Have information available as to what they need to do, when and where to be, etc.  The service can be found in our OSL Handbook pages 35-45. All participants should have a copy of the service to follow as they are being inducted.  A laptop should be available (BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP) if new members want to join OSL.  They should do it PRIOR to the conference date, but can do it at the conference BEFORE the induction service.   Remind Carolyn Burns to print copies of the service for all the Information Packets.



Pastor Kathleen Adams will head up this area and prayer teams.  Contact her to volunteer at mkadams@cox.net


WORKSHOP COORDINATORS   (3 Sessions:  Thursday afternoon, Friday morning & Friday afternoon)

Position works with Carolyn Burns

Need two coordinators to get campus volunteers to direct attendees to appropriate workshops and locations.  There will probably be over 150 people attending the workshops.

Two coordinators will work directly with 4 to 5 workshop speakers each. 

Find volunteers to help direct people from the conference area to the workshops.

There will be 9 to 10 workshops all going on at the same time.

Make sure there is bottled water at speaker’s podiums. 

If the speaker’s need copies of their handouts made – you will need to work with the campus print shop to get it done.  (I will try and get their handouts printed before they come) – but sometimes they have something additional or just need more copies of original material as the workshops progress. 



Position reports to Carolyn Burns

Post signs to help direct attendees to different areas.   Signs to be printed and displayed will be determined as plans progress.


BANQUET  Thursday, June 22, 5:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Reports to Carolyn Burns   

Three to four helpers needed to greet and escort people to tables (if necessary) and whatever other help is needed.



Director needed to collect offerings throughout the conference.    Position reports to Carolyn Burns.

Acquire volunteers to “pass the baskets” and collect money daily for North American OSL’s call to bring healing prayer to the masses.  Obtain buckets, baskets, whatever you will use to collect offerings.  Money collected will be given to Carolyn Burns daily for recording.