2017 North American OSL Conference

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WORKSHOPS  -  This page is still under construction.

Workshops sessions will be held on Thursday afternoon (1:30-3:00), Friday morning (10:45-12:15) and Friday afternoon (1:45-3:15). 

Each workshop is in an assigned classroom, at some point we will have all 10 workshops running at the same time.  Seating is limited.  We will try to accommodate everyone.  Sign up for workshops will be on Wednesday evening of the conference. 

Speaking at all three sessions:

Rev. Hugh & Monte Bromiley    Workshop Title:  Beth Shalom Prayer

                                                   Description:  Teaching liberating inner healing prayer 

Anna Marie Sheffield                Workshop Title:  Practical Prayer Training for Hospitals & Other Community Facilities

Nate & Kelly Troia                    Workshop Title:  Heart to Heart Prayer Training

                                                   Description:  Positioning others in a place of non-negotiable victory, giving hope and answers.

Rev. Mike Flynn                        Workshop Title:  Understand and Use Your Authority

                                                    Description:  This workshop will look at the basis for our authority and factors utilized in using it successfully.

Barbara McBride                       Workshop Title:  Exploring God's Joy in Healing Power

Sharon Okada                          Workshop for Teens & Tweens    Title:  Connections to God

                                                     Description:  Learn how to be a connection between God and those in need.


Speaking at two sessions as indicated:

Rev. John Rice                     Workshop Title:  Praying with Jesus' Power & Authority - Presenting Thurs. afternoon & Fri. morning

Malcolm Self                        Workshop Title:  Kingdom Living for Everyday Life - Presenting Thurs. afternoon & Fri. morning

                                             Description:  Daily practical guidelines to increase your faith & strengthen your ability to defend against the evil one.

Speaking at one session as indicated:

Rev. Josh Acton                   Workshop Title:  How to Let Christ Live In You – Presenting – Friday morning


Additional information on workshop speakers:

Rev. Hugh & Monte Bromiley   Nearly thirty years ago Hugh received a powerful supernatural calling from God to be in the healing ministry.  Hugh is from England where he graduated from Oxford.  Hugh’s book, In Search of a Miracle, is on the OSL recommended reading list.  In addition to being the North American Director for OSL, Hugh and his wife Monte conduct a powerful, liberating ministry of inner healing, called Beth Shalom.

Anna Marie Sheffield

Nate & Kelly Troia - Kelly Danica Troia is the founder of Heart to Heart (H2H) Personal Prayer Ministries. Birthed from a place of sheer desperation, Kelly received this revelation from Jesus Christ seconds before she planned to take her life. From His heart to hers, Jesus answered her and lead her through what has now become the equipping and empowering prayer ministry of H2H, to be shared, taught, and imparted to others.


Through this prayer revelation, Jesus deeply affected her husband Nate, setting him free from intense anger and the effects of childhood sexual abuse. Through Kelly and Nate’s open and transparent testimonies, people are receiving hope and answers where none seemed to be found.


As Kelly ministers and teaches Heart to Heart Personal Prayer Ministry, she imparts the truth that Jesus is everything and the cross settles it. Her ability to position others in a place of non-negotiable victory is changing hearts in the worldwide church.


Nate and Kelly have been married for 22 years and together they have five children and three grandchildren. After all but their youngest were grown, the Troias lived as missionaries on the foreign and domestic mission fields, but are happy to now call Texas home.  Nate and Kelly enjoy traveling, ministering and serving together. They are also active in their local church community, including serving at Christ Healing Center in San Antonio, Texas.


Rev. Mike Flynn   Mike Flynn is an Episcopal priest and Vineyard pastor.  Since being baptized in the Holy Spirit he has led 645 conferences and has authored 5 books on Kingdom living. He and Sue have been married 55 years and have 8 grandkids via 4 sons.


Barbara McBride Barbara is an active member of her church, Good Samaritan Episcopal Church in San Diego, CA, leader of the prayer ministry and a member of the church choir. She has completed the course in Spiritual Direction offered through OSL and is looking forward to walking with God’s people in a new way.


Barbara has been a member of OSL since 1991. She is currently Interim Director for Region 7 of the Order of St. Luke the Physician (OSL), having served two terms as a member of the North American Board. She is trained as a Stephens Minister. Agnes Sanford was instrumental to her development in healing prayer. She was therefore thrilled to be on the Board of the Agnes Sanford School of Pastoral Care for several years. She has been a speaker and presenter at healing conferences in California, Okinawa, Japan, Canada, California, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and North Carolina. She is also currently the Convener of the San Diego Chapter of OSL which holds annual conferences.  She has chaired the North American OSL Conference twice, in 1998 and 2011, and has presented workshops at additional North American conferences. She has been a contributor to Sharing Magazine and the OSL Going Deeper series. She loves to be where the Lord is and witness his work among his people.

She and her husband Mike have been involved in Cursillos in Christianity and Faith Alive, a Christian renewal ministry, and have traveled with Faith Alive as members of teams in California and the Bahamas. She and Mike have taught OSL classes in San Diego for 14 years. 

Rev. John Rice  John served as a pastor in Vermont and North Carolina for 24 years. In 2012, he left parish ministry in response to God’s call to focus on “encouraging, equipping, and empowering God’s people for Jesus’ healing ministry.”  As an OSL member, he has taught and preached at healing conferences and churches throughout the U.S. and India.  In 2015, he completed the DVD recordings “Equipping the Saints for Jesus’ Healing Ministry” a resource for churches and OSL Chapters.  John and his wife, Debra, live in N.C.  They enjoy the blessings of being first-time grandparents.  Most recently, John began growing flowers for local florists and farmer’s markets.

Malcolm Self  Malcolm has been a member of OSL for 12 years. He was a convener of the Imperial Calcasieu Chapter for four years, and is currently in his second term as the OSL Region V Director. Malcolm also serves on the Board of Directors of the North American OSL, Build Your House on the Rock (Guatemalan home for children), and Desert Call Ministries (a ministry of healing and renewal, founded by the Rev. Josh Acton). He is also a founding member of the Healing House, an OSL sponsored healing center in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Malcolm has been married for 39 years to Donna Neal and has two sons, Robbie (Austin, Texas) and Daniel (who is married to Lauren and lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia) and one granddaughter, Lily. He has been self-employed for 30 years. Malcolm can be reached at [email protected]

Sharon Okada has been a member and involved in OSL for over 20 years.  She has a science background and is retired from the teaching profession of anatomy and physiology.  She loves Jesus, teaching, science, gardening, music and art.


Rev. Josh Acton  Josh has long been a leader in the Healing Ministry. He is Executive Director of Desert Call Ministries and Sr. Pastor of Rancho Vineyard Church in San Diego, CA.  Before he became a pastor in the Vineyard Church, he pastored Anglican/Episcopal churches for over 20 years. Josh is Founder and former Executive Director of the Center for Christian Healing, a Diocesan Ministry to the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. He is President on the North American Board for the International Order of St. Luke the Physician.  He leads retreats and conferences on healing and spiritual renewal across the country.  Josh is author of a new DVD teaching series “The Battle Belongs to the Lord!” (2016); a CD teaching series titled “Disciples in Healing” (2008);  A Powerful Joy: Lessons in Healing (Bethany Press International, 2008); co-author of Spirit Walk (White River Press, 2000).  Josh, his wife Rusti, a school teacher, and family live in Temecula, California.